About Mark the Florist

Like many small businesses in Sydney, Mark the Florist started because of genuine passion and creativity - passion that could not be delayed further, and strong creativity that needed an output! Mark, who is a florist with some 29 years of experience under his belt (or apron) has always surrounded himself with flowers - from his first venture at 19 years old opening Ballarat’s most sought after florist to his last job overseeing the operations and designs for a large online flower retail company, and you would always find him in the studio or the florists’s workshop.

(Yes. The Ballarat in the paragraph above is Ballarat in Victoria. But Mark’s been here in Sydney for more than 15 years now - so he’s a true Sydneysider!).

The idea was simple: become Darlinghurst’s neighbourhood florist and provide beautiful and creative arrangements, the freshest flowers in the market, the most cared for plants, and all with reasonable prices. Afterall, Mark views flowers as a necessity, and necessities should never break the budget.

Mark the Florist started small - and we intend to stay that way - as that is the best way to offer personalised service and unique touches to our local customers. In fact, we encourage our customers to come and say hello, all the time, and to talk to us about the feeling or message they want the flowers to convey and we’ll work with them on the colour, design and variety!

But we are growing our offerings - and we’ll update this (very simple) website to cover all the new and exciting things we’re working on. But come talk to us about how we can help you with:

Conveying a message: Let us help you find the right flowers or plants to say “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “I miss you” or any other message or emotion you want to tell with flowers.

Bringing a bit of green to your office or home: lots of lush green plants that help brighten your space!

Centrepieces - whether you’re looking to host a dinner party or you’re holding a photoshoot for a new product or space - we’ll help you with the right arrangement with just the right dimensions.

Events: bringing a bit of colour and beauty to any event from weddings to office parties!

Potting that plant (or several) that you’ve been holding off - let us also find you the right pots (with tons of fresh and classical designs - some minimalist designs too!)

Mark is always happy to help. That’s why we’re open 6 days a week - rain or shine - and that’s why we’re always connecting with our customers on facebook, instagram, and email. But if you’re the old fashioned type - which we are too - do give us a call or come by, we always love a chat with a friendly face.

Lots of love from Darlinghurst!

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